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Clinical Trials Facilities

The unit that is used to conduct our research is very bright and roomy.

It provides you with all the amenities that you would have at home, which is a very pleasing thing noted by past participants of our trials. Being able to access the internet, watch TV or movies, reading a variety of newspapers or magazines are all very nice conveniences that we have ensured that our volunteers are able to access while staying within our confines.

There is a large lounge area as well as a roomy bedroom area which allows the volunteer the ability to be able to move from one area to another.  This can help prevent the feelings of isolation that many volunteers are afraid of experiencing.

The meals provided are prepared by a nutritionist who has shown an excellent ability when it comes to cooking. They have received many great reviews from many of volunteers in the past and we are sure that you will be thrilled with the meals in the same fashion as they were.